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Welcome to American Identity Group, your premier partner for identity theft products and home title protection services. We are the largest wholesale provider of these services in the world and have helped millions of customers protect their identities and homes.

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American Identity Group?

Customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of each partner.

Extensive experience and expertise in the industry.

Exceptional customer service and support.

Provides an additional revenue opportunity and a way to differentiate your product or service from competitors.

Largest wholesale provider of identity theft products and home title protection services in the world.

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Getting started with American Identity Group is easy. Simply contact us and we will
walk you through the steps. We will help you create a custom bundle of services
that meets your specific needs and the needs of your customers.

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Identity Theft + Property Title Protection


Additional revenue stream and
a way to differentiate your company.

Unique solutions through custom
bundling of 20+ additional services.

Easy-to-use online tools.

Successful partnerships and case
studies demonstrate value to partners.

Increased revenue and customer loyalty.

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