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A professionally trained recovery advocate is assigned to all covered consumers who become victims of identity theft and will perform a fully managed identity restoration program for the covered consumers. Recovery advocates will document, dispute, and reverse all fraudulent transactions through a limited power of attorney for all known types of identity theft. Additionally, this includes one year of follow-up after the victim is back to pre-theft status and provides for one year of additional extensive monitoring services for all victims.

Coverage for your family is automatic. Scanning information can be added through our web portal.

The insurance helps prevent losses from expenses incurred because of a covered identity theft event. Covers notary charges, lost wages, loan application fees for reapplying for loans, reasonable attorney fees and more (restrictions apply, see AIG’s (American International Group) policy for full coverage details).

Identity Theft Protection

Your mailbox, garbage, home, the supermarket, your doctor's office, your computer and cell phone.

1. American Identity Group has the ID Early Warning System that creates a personal ID master profile.

2. We protect your identity profile without using your social security number.

3. We monitor 1000's of public and private databases with billions of records every day. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

4. Our ID Early Warning System looks for a change in your profile. If we detect any changes to data we have in your ID master profile we contact you

We use our extensive collection of data from historical fraud events and your data to determine how vulnerable you are to identity theft.

Property Title Protection

Home title fraud happens when someone obtains the title to your property and changes ownership from your information to the thief. The scary part is, you may not even realize it until it's too late.

Scammers simply pick a house (sometimes a second home, rental or vacant house), then gather personal information from the internet or elsewhere in an effort to take over your identity and either assume the role of property owner or claim to represent you. The thief files the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership of the property to themselves, using forged signatures and fraudulent identification. They then sell the home or borrow against the equity.

We scan county records nationwide and generate an alert when there is a change in:

1. Owner

2. New Property Record

3. New Claim on Title

4. Financing Terms