About Us

Welcome to American
Identity Group

We're part of a family that includes Privacy Patrol LLC and My Property Protection LLC, all working together to protect you from identity theft.

Privacy Patrol was founded in 2013, offering identity theft protection to consumers. In 2018, we saw a need for group protection, and thus, American Identity Group was born. In 2019, we added My Property Protection LLC to our network, broadening our protection services.


Every year, our consumer sales
division serves over 100,000

A+ Rating
Call Center

We have a U.S.-based virtual call
center with an A+ rating from the
Better Business Bureau and a
team of over 70.

A team
full of experts

Our squad includes customer
service pros, a production team,
sales managers, IT experts, and
an accounting team.

How We Operate

Our Recovery Division is in Granada Hills, CA, with a 24/7 bilingual call center. We also have an office in Scottsdale, AZ, with recovery specialists, IRS enrolled agents, and a private investigator.

Currently, we protect over 2.4 million people and have settled over 42,000 victim recovery cases. safety is our mission at American Identity Group. We're here to provide excellent identity theft protection. Thanks for choosing us!